Monday, June 27, 2011

Best picks: Top Shop

New in!- Clothing

Pair this with a sleeveless denim gilet for that perfect mix of texture, or just add on a waist belt to accentuate your waist (the right way). This look can be completed with a pair of wedges to give that nautical feel. This outfit is suitable for having picnics or just a walk along the beach.

You can pair this up with tops with or without sleeves. This dungaree is a very casual kind of wear, you can add that rock-chic feel if you pair it with sleeveless tops, and then topped with a flat cap and a pair of aviators.

This jersey blazer is a very versatile piece as it has that military feel yet not over-doing it. The white outline gives it structure, which will also give shape to your body.

This grey cape top is a very korean-inspired top as it features out-of-shape sleeves. As it is grey, it gives off an almost "rock" look. Pair this up with a pair of black jeggings, simple and chic. Be mistaken as a celebrity by adding that pair of black boots, shades and flat cap!

 This crop top would look really good if you wear it without a top in it, but just showing off your fit and toned belly! Pair it with a pair of simple straight jeans as you do not want any other pieces of clothing to take over the limelight! To give it shape, pair it with a flat cap or a fedora.
This pair of orange chino shorts fits perfectly into this summer's trend: bright colors. Pair this with black and white striped or plain v-neck white top to look effortlessly chic. Dress it up with a piece of black blazer and a fedora!

This floral-printed flippy skirt gives off that mature feel as it is not too brightly colored. Pair this with a white v-neck shirt to look chic or just a tank top to give off that "rock" feel.

This parka just speaks "Alexander McQueen" to me, with that complex-looking sewing and dull-colored leopard prints. Pair this with a pair of white skinnies to stand out in the streets

This cream-colored chiffon blouse has that 70s feel. Give it a different feel by pairing it with a piece of black sleeveless vest and a pair of jeans!

This off shouldered ballerina dress looks best paired with a pair of nude platform pumps.

This bugle bead dress definitely screamed "egyptian" to me. Pair this with a gold headband to be instantly transformed into an egyptian queen! Pair this with golden heels to emphasize on the gold.

Dressy yet casual, this floral dress has got muted colors, so that it looks more conservative. The black lining and sleeves emphasize it's sweetheart cutting. You will definitely look effortless chic in this one! Pair this with a pair of black stilettos to kick this outfit up a notch!


 That pair of silver platform heels has that party character in it, pair it with a black and grey off-shoulder mini dress for your birthday party!

These heels are the perfect neon add-ons!

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