Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Asian Celebrity Feature: Lee Ji-ah (My fashion icon)

Name: Lee Ji-ah (이지아)
Date of Birth: 2nd February 1981
Country of Origin: Seoul, South Korea
Occupation: Actress, Singer, Model
Dramas: Athena, Style, Beethoven Virus, Legend
Singles: Vampire romance, Cup cake and Alien, Love virus
Advertisement: Dressed to kill, LG, Lotteria
Awards: Best new actress(2008/2007) , Popularity prize (2007), Best couple prize (Bae Yong Jun)

Lee Ji-ah's fair skin complements everything, therefore every color looks good on her. In these two photos, though she was all dolled up, her bubbly personality still shines through the dress. The photo at the right features a wedding dress. This wedding dress accentuated her waist with the help of that two vertical golden strips of (perhaps) lace. As long as you have got these two vertical stripes down that curve in slightly at the waist area, it will flatter any body size/shape.

In this photo, Ji-ah is wearing a black jacket with buckles near the end of the sleeves. These buckles add a certain "rock" factor into the outfit.

In here, Ji-ah shows her feminine side by wearing a ruffled-down sheer top, but still incorporated her "rock" through that black leather strap-down bag with metal studs, I don't know about you, but I think she has doen a great job incorporating that!

These are her jeans collection. These pictures of Ji-ah have shown several ways of pairing outfits with jeans, mainly with a white button-down. If you think that you have her perfect tummy, don't be afraid to show it, because it rocked the entire outfit! In addition, turn down the notch by layering on a basic jacket if you are more of a conservative person like what Ji-ah did in the last picture!

Blazers and vests. In here, Ji-ah showed us the versatility of a vest by pairing it up with a sleeveless and a long-sleeved. They both turned out great! Oh, and I really love the grey with black lining blazer that she is wearing in the last picture as it can be paired up with quite a number of outfits!

Yes, that is her "Style" photo shoot.

Lee Ji-ah's face is more of a heart-shaped. Well, lucky her, because heart-shaped faces complements every kind of shades/sunglasses! This can be shown in these two pictures, where in the first one, she is wearing a wayfarer, while the second one on the right is of another rectangle lenses :)

Ah yes, hats. In the show "Style" that she acted in, she has made many appearances with many kinds of hats, there is the flat hat, the fedora and the beanie! In the show, she proved that she can incorporate outfits with different hats, and so did she in these photos! I am really in love with the first outfit at the top as it has a sense of military, but yet not overdoing it.

That's all, korean fanatics!

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