Monday, June 20, 2011

Asian Celebrity Feature: Cho Kyuhyun

Name: Cho Kyu-Hyun (조규현)
Nicknames: GameKyu, Drakyu
Date of birth: 3rd February 1988
Country of Origin: Seoul, South Korea
Contract Company: SM Entertainment
Groups affiliated: Super Junior, Super Junior M, SM The Ballad, K.R.Y
Occupations: Singer, Actor, Model, Dancer
Solo singles: Smile, 7 years of love, Listen... to you

In these photos, Kyuhyun pulled off the outfits with a basic t-shirt and a cardigan layered upon. In the picture at the top, as the shirt he was wearing is already graphic, he managed to balance off the overall feel with a plain cream-colored cardigan. In contrast, in the picture at the bottom, as the shirt is plain white, he jazzed up the look with a black-striped cardigan, which was fantastic. 

Kyuhyun's performance attires are superb. The picture at the top is his album cover of their newest album "Perfection". In this picture, there is a sense of military, with the buttons on the two sides of the blazer and a black brimless hat. However, this look is broken down by the leopard print neck tie scarf, giving it a less-strict feel but a more-fun look. The picture at the bottom is Super Junior's guest appearance in a variety show. I think this blazer is the coolest blazer on earth, who would have thought of layering a piece of leopard print fabric on a blazer? By altering the cutting of the blazer, it can be transformed into womenswear! In addition, due to its unique texture of the blazer, pairing it up with a pair of jeans didn't seem so much of a deal!

The picture on the left is his photo shoot for SPAO, it was in coordination with Girls' Generation (SNSD). 

In these three pictures, you can see how Kyuhyun continued to balance out his overall feel by not repeating prints and graphics on the outerwear. A overly textured shimmering shirt paired with a plain black blazer, a plain black t-shirt paired with a checkered outerwear, and finally a striped t-shirt paired with a white outerwear, a very simple theory in mix-and-matching clothing, balancing out the overall feel.

A introductory video of Cho Kyu-Hyun

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