Sunday, May 8, 2011

Italy trip: Preparation

So here is my 'Italy trip' series, hope you will enjoy this small little "journey" with me :)

So firstly, checking the weather there is vital. According to, on the 20th May 2011, the temperature would be around 19C to 22C in the morning, and about 12C at night. Not that cold actually, compared to my last year's trip to Copenhagen, but still, as compared to Singapore... well, it's really cold ;-)

What do I need then? A (fashionable) COAT. I do have a brown knee-length coat that should suffice. It looks something like this: 

Other than this, I still need a knitwear, something less warm I guess, for the day. I suppose something like these: 

Outerwear aside, I'm not really sure about mini-skirts in Italy, but since I would not be going into churches all the time, I might as well bring a few (mini) skirts.
Oh, not to forget a few boyfriend button-down shirt that never fails me in style :)

And fortunately, I just bought THE Perfect ELLE Luggage bag. It is perfect because it has a special compartment for my performance attire, so I no longer need to worry about how to fit that into my luggage, and bring as much clothes as I want!

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