Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm going to Italy!

Hey fashionistas! I am so excited that I have been chosen to perform in Italy! I am leaving in 13 days, that would be 20th May, really excited as I am staying there for a whole 10 days! Look forward to the pictures I will be posting, especially Italy street style! And hey, it's Italy, what would I do there other than (crazy) shopping?! Alright alright, so excitement aside, something that's troubling me is "what should I wear there?", well I am hoping to be seen as a tourist who blends in with the fellow italians, so I am turning to Google for help. Here are some Italy/Switzerland street style images.

Fo all you Italians out there, is this true?
E-how teaches how to dress like an Italian.

  • Wear high-quality shoes, preferably in leather. Most women in Italy wear high heeled, pointed-toe shoes - even when walking on cobblestone streets. 
  • Build your wardrobe around a few key pieces like a designer blazer, well-fitting linen pants and a silk blouse.
  • Avoid clothing with logos, emblems, patches, embroidery and other distracting designs. Italians feel that large logos on clothing make people look like billboards.
  • Focus on well-tailored, minimalist outfits in neutral colors like black, white, beige and navy.
  • Steer clear of shorts, especially if you're a woman.Knee-length skirts are more appropriate.
  • Choose natural fabrics such as cotton, silk and linen rather than synthetics.
  • Look for accessories with understated elegance. Avoid loud scarves, large hoop earrings, and costume jewelry
Well,  assuming they are all accurate, here is an outfit I put together:

How much did I fare? :)

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