Monday, May 2, 2011

Help support me!

Hey guys! I'm really sorry I am not able to update this blog quite often this month, this is just because of my mid-year examinations! Am studying hard for it! But I just joined a competition held my, a competition that allows others to nominate the fashion blogs they follow and like! So, if you like/love my blog, help support me by clicking this link and filling in the details as follows:

Your full name: your full name
Your e-mail: your email

Contesting category: Best Fashion Blog
Blogger's name: Jocelyn Ng Jinghui
Blogger's email:
Blogger's contact no.: (optional)
Blogger's: Title: Tha Fashion Gal
Blog URL:
Recommended blogpost: (Insert link of your favorite post)
Reason for nomination: You choose! :)
And finally check the box where it says "I have read and agree"

Submit it and you are done!


This probably only takes up a minute, so please do me a favor if you do like my blog!
I would really appreciate if you help support me! And of course I would continue updating my blog next week. :)

Love you lovelies!

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