Sunday, May 8, 2011

Italy trip: Preparation

So here is my 'Italy trip' series, hope you will enjoy this small little "journey" with me :)

So firstly, checking the weather there is vital. According to, on the 20th May 2011, the temperature would be around 19C to 22C in the morning, and about 12C at night. Not that cold actually, compared to my last year's trip to Copenhagen, but still, as compared to Singapore... well, it's really cold ;-)

What do I need then? A (fashionable) COAT. I do have a brown knee-length coat that should suffice. It looks something like this: 

Other than this, I still need a knitwear, something less warm I guess, for the day. I suppose something like these: 

Outerwear aside, I'm not really sure about mini-skirts in Italy, but since I would not be going into churches all the time, I might as well bring a few (mini) skirts.
Oh, not to forget a few boyfriend button-down shirt that never fails me in style :)

And fortunately, I just bought THE Perfect ELLE Luggage bag. It is perfect because it has a special compartment for my performance attire, so I no longer need to worry about how to fit that into my luggage, and bring as much clothes as I want!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm going to Italy!

Hey fashionistas! I am so excited that I have been chosen to perform in Italy! I am leaving in 13 days, that would be 20th May, really excited as I am staying there for a whole 10 days! Look forward to the pictures I will be posting, especially Italy street style! And hey, it's Italy, what would I do there other than (crazy) shopping?! Alright alright, so excitement aside, something that's troubling me is "what should I wear there?", well I am hoping to be seen as a tourist who blends in with the fellow italians, so I am turning to Google for help. Here are some Italy/Switzerland street style images.

Fo all you Italians out there, is this true?
E-how teaches how to dress like an Italian.

  • Wear high-quality shoes, preferably in leather. Most women in Italy wear high heeled, pointed-toe shoes - even when walking on cobblestone streets. 
  • Build your wardrobe around a few key pieces like a designer blazer, well-fitting linen pants and a silk blouse.
  • Avoid clothing with logos, emblems, patches, embroidery and other distracting designs. Italians feel that large logos on clothing make people look like billboards.
  • Focus on well-tailored, minimalist outfits in neutral colors like black, white, beige and navy.
  • Steer clear of shorts, especially if you're a woman.Knee-length skirts are more appropriate.
  • Choose natural fabrics such as cotton, silk and linen rather than synthetics.
  • Look for accessories with understated elegance. Avoid loud scarves, large hoop earrings, and costume jewelry
Well,  assuming they are all accurate, here is an outfit I put together:

How much did I fare? :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Youtube video feature: Tommy Hilfiger Pop-up House NYC

Youtube video feature: Tommy Hilfiger Pop-up House at the Meatpacking District NYC

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Best picks: Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen was born in 17 March 1969 in London. Alexander McQueen has been a famous couturier best known for his tailoring techniques. 'The' Alexander McQueen has passed away on 11th February last year (2010). Alexander McQueen's death is inevitably a loss for the fashion industry, but luckily we still have got Sarah Burton, a fashion designer so inclined to Alexander McQueen's style that people have been thinking that "Alexander McQueen is still alive and still progressing".

I therefore present to you my Alexander McQueen's best picks.

















Images taken from

It's a Date thing

Hello lovelies! I am officially back to fashion blogging, well, still not that often, but just to say that this blog is not dead :)
I am "re-opening" this blog with "It's a Date thing"!

Struggling with what to wear out on your (first) date? Well, you really do not want to over-accessorize, but a necklace will be good, especially if it is a necklace given to you by your boyfriend!
With that, I have put together a really casual-chic denim look, with trending botanical/floral printed sleeveless top!

It's a Date

And here is for guys, similarly, keep it simple and casual.

It's a Date (male)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

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Hello fashionistas! 

Just to announce that I have just created a facebook page for Tha Fashion Gal!
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Love ya lovelies.

Monday, May 2, 2011

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