Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Shopper: Dress up for a Wedding party/dinner

Hey guys, my cousin is getting married really soon (this wednesday), and I am really happy for her! But it all comes down to the question: What should I wear? Well, in my opinion, dressing up for a wedding dinner/party is the easiest of all, especially if there is a certain theme where you can follow by!
Questions to self:

  1. What is the setting of the wedding? (e.g. outdoor/indoor)
  2. What is your role to the newly-weds? (e.g. friend/relative/family)
  3. What will you be doing there? (e.g. just sitting around/eating)
  4. How long will you be there? 
  5. What will the temperature be?
  6. What if I've got food allergies?
Setting of the wedding
Indoor weddings are to me the best, as you won't be troubling over weather problems. Therefore, you do not have to worry over your outfit/dress being drenched, and having to change. As a wedding is a ceremonial event, you are expected to dress formally, but you have to keep in mind not to outshine the bride too. In order not to outshine the bride too much, dress more simply and not accessorize too much (e.g. complex designs and tiaras). In fact, go for bright neutral colors like champagne gold, white, brown, beige, taupe, baby pink, baby blue, etc. If you are wearing a dress, make sure there are no "dress tails" that trails on the floor, as you will risk outshining the bride. In terms of your makeup, keep it light. If you want to accentuate your face features e.g your eyes, put on colors that contrast your dress/outfit. However, if you want to keep it neutral, put on colors that complement your outfit/dress.
Outdoor weddings are to be the most fun, as you can do so much and take great pictures, as there is natural sunlight. Unfortunately, putting the fun aside, there might be weather problems: rain or extreme heat/sunlight. Having these problems in mind, you might want to bring an extra outfit where you can change any time, in the toilets of course. Similar to dressing indoors, go for neutral colors, and not colors like shocking pink and neons. In terms of your makeup, if it is in the evening/night, keep it mildly strong e.g. smokey eyes. If it is in the morning/afternoon, keep it stronger, as the sunlight will wash off your makeup on cameras. Bring along some basic makeup, to reapply if you happen to sweat: loose powder, eyeshadow/pencil, blush and lipstick. 

Role/Relationship to the newly-weds
If you the newly-weds' friend, you really have to keep it simple. Keep neutral colors in mind, as you do not wish to stand out too much. Also, bear in mind to accessorize as little as possible. 

If you are the newly-weds' relative in any way, you can accessorize a bit more.


If the wedding is indoor and air-conditioned, remember to bring along a scarf/shawl or a cardigan that complements your outfit. If the wedding is outdoor, you would expect to experience extreme temperatures, so bear in mind not to wear long-sleeved, but to bring a cardigan instead. However, if the wedding happens in the evening/night, you should expect cooler weather.

Cases of emergency

Food poisoning is possible, if you have a sensitive stomach or weak digestive system. Bring along your regular medications for food poisoning and diarrhea. Also, remember to drink lots of water, as there might be more food that are "heaty".
Fashion SOS
A very classic dress for wedding dinners/parties would be a white tube dress that goes above the knees, it always works! To have minimal accessories, just put on a baby blue belt/bow along your waist, and there you go, simple and sweet.

Good luck!

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