Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Self-Improving: Self-presentation

Let's face it, no one wants to see a sloppy or a messy-looking person. So, let's talk about self-presentation. For all you girls/guys out there, I'm sure you have seen people who look disorganized in general, in terms of personal grooming and body languages. Do note that I am not trying to say to judge a person by its looks, I just strongly believe that having a good self-presentation (personal grooming, body languages) is a way to show self-respect as well.

Personal grooming

Ensure you go out with a clean face: Wash your face with at least water to not only have a fresher look, but to also feel more refreshed. If you have oily skin, clean your face with a cleanser that is oil-free, or what your dermatologist has given you. If you have dry skin, use a moisturizing cleanser like Pond's Cold Cream. 

Ensure your hair is neat: I have seen people who looked as if they have never combed their hair for ten years! This makes it discouraging for people to approach them. Always comb your hair before you head out. For cases like tangled hair, it can be easily solved by combing and carefully removing each strand of hair one by one away from the comb. 


Styling your hair: A held back high ponytail always looks great as it makes your face look brighter and neater. Another classic example of a good and easy hairstyle is the half-sectioned hair where you leave the bottom half of your hair down, but the upper half tied up.

(For girls) Ensure your armpits are shaved as clean as possible: The last thing anybody wants to see is armpit hairs peeping out of a woman's armpit. If you have got problems shaving your armpits clean, try as much as you can not to wear sleeveless tops. If shaving doesn't help, try plucking, just use a normal tweezer, and just tweeze the hairs out!

Ensure you don't smell: If you have received comments about your body odor, try applying/spraying deodorant, especially under your armpits, as that is mainly the part where it smells the worst. It is important to bathe everyday, as it washes off all the dirt on/odor of your body, and you will always feel refreshed after a bath.

Body Languages

Posture: Have you wondered why runway/commercial models look so good? Because they have the right posture, and there's always a hint of grace and charm when they strut down that runway. Compare a person who stands up straight and looking energetic to a person who hunches his/her back and walking lifelessly. They are two very contrasting body languages as one shows elegance and charm, while the other just gives off the message "Do not come near me." So, just ensure that you have a habit of sitting up straight and walking upright, as it also elongates your height.

Gestures: Now ladies, try not to point middle finger(s). Your friends might think you are cool and all, but it just gives out the idea that you are vulgar. There might be times where you are unable to control, but just try to control as much as possible. 

Facial expression: It is normal not to smile while you walk, as it will come off as "fake" and "weird". Try as much as you can not to frown, as it just shouts your displeasure of something, and discouraging people to approach you, and people might think of you as "unfriendly". However, it is fine to look like a model, where you don't really show too much joyful expression, but still concentrated and not like you are lost or something.

Good luck!

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