Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Shopper: School

As you know that I am from Singapore, it is obvious that most of our schools require us to wear uniforms to school. If you are from a middle/high school in the America and Europe countries, you must feel that it sucks, well it does, unfortunately. 

But hey, there is a good side of it, because we don't need to choose our outfits everyday. So how do we cope with this must-wear-uniform system? Some of us love it, some of us hate it. 
I personally am okay with it because there ARE pros and cons. And so, the way I cope with this "system" would be to look as "fashionable" as possible, but still within the school rules :)

Disclaimer: This is just for me to share with you guys, no obligations required.

So here is what I suggest:
 1. Read magazines or browse online style sites like to get in touch with the latest trend

2. Focus on the trending accessories and colors
    3. As you can't do anything to your uniform (e.g. paint it/alter it), you can just incorporate them to your daily objects like jackets/cardigans/pencil cases/bags etc.
      4. For example, bright/bold colors are trending this season, so get a bright/bold color jacket
      5. If your school restricts colors to wear on, well, just get bright/bold color pencil cases or something! 

      6. Hairstyle: be creative with your hair since you can do so much with it! An easy hairstyle would be half-half pony tail, where you tie up half your hair and then tie the rest of the hair at the bottom. Another simpler hairstyle would be a high ponytail, you will look so much brighter, in terms of your face features and look more organized and neat!
      7. Bags: If allowed, bring shoulder bags to school, as it will look more chic than normal school bags. Backpacks are an exception, as there are fashionable ones like the Dickies and Converse backpacks.

      8. Again if allowed, wear a hair/headband, as it adds a pop of color to brighten and make you look more chic.

      Once again, I am not telling you that you must follow these steps as there are some of you guys who wants to be natural and not put extra effort on appearance, that is perfectly fine!

      Good luck!


      Sue said...

      I know this is old, but just had to comment: you've got it totally right on how to work with/around a uniform and dress code! I have to work around one at my school, too, and it can be hard. My only other suggestion is shoes, if your school doesn't have super-strict regulations on them. (Mine only requires that they cover the heel and toe).

      Great blog!

      Jocelyn Ng Jinghui said...

      Haha, you got it!

      Thanks so much for your support Sue!