Monday, March 28, 2011

The Shopper: Getting out

I'm sure you have got days where you can't decide on what to wear, I encounter this problem MANY times, and am trying to find a way to solve this problem, or at least reduce the time taken. My average time taken to decide on what clothes to wear out is about 15 minutes, just FYI. :)

I think this problem is avoidable/ can be solved with these few tips:
1. On the day when you are free, try your best to arrange your clothes, according to colors, designs, style, whatever you would like. This reduces the time as you will save the trouble to go through all the clothes in your wardrobe one by one, when you already have that certain pattern in your wardrobe.
2. Try to recycle/reuse/donate your unwanted clothes. These clothes include those that are too small a size for you, no more to your liking, or too much of a repetition (similar designs). This reduces the scope of your decision, and will allow you to decide faster. Or, if you feel bad giving away your clothes, you can always store them in a plastic clear box, so as to allow more time for you to decide what to do with those clothes.
3. It's always good to do things in advance, so why not decide what to wear for that special occasion in advance? This allows you more time to decide your awesome outfit, and to uncover the problems you have with that outfit sooner, so as to save time on the day of that event.
4. Quick few tips to deciding your outfit: 

a. Know the style of the event, be it a casual or formal
b. Decide then, the style of your outfit (boho, red carpet, seventies, contemporary, etc.)
c. Decide on the kind of colors (bright, neutral, dark)
d. Eliminate those "unwanted clothes" and decide on your top
e. By deciding your top first, it gives you a foundation on what kind of bottoms you should have
f. Try on different outerwear and see what fits best (optional)
g. Moving on to accessories, never overdo on accessories
h. If your outfit is mainly bright-colored, silver and golden accessories should fit best
i. If your outfit is mainly neutral/dark-colored, black or dark blue accessories should fit best
j. Factoring in the different skin tones, try on and find out which kind of palette(s) suits you best

Good luck!

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