Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Shopper: Checklist

Creating a decent/good outfit is difficult, especially when you do not have the fundamentals. In general, these are the "materials" you need: a basic top, bottoms, an outerwear/cardigan, a scarf, and a few accessories which I will elaborate on in a few seconds.

These fundamentals are crucial in creating outfits as you can create so many outfits just with them, it expands your wardrobe so much that you can even have unlimited outfits. With this fundamentals, you can buy just a few nice dresses and mix them up/layer them. Layering is the main technique for creating outfits.

So here is a checklist:

Basic tops
- Singlet
- Plain/Graphic T-shirt
- Tank top
- Plain/Lace tube

- Shorts
- Denims
- Skirt

- Shawl
- Long/Short-sleeved Cardigan
- Jacket

- Scarf and Belts
- Bracelets (gold/silver)
- Earrings/rings
- Shades/Sunglasses 
- Heels/flats/sandals/slippers
- Hats   

Basic (starting from the inner layer): Tube, Top, Bottom (interchangeable), Top (Optional), Outerwear

With this basic layering in mind, there is already a template for you to work with. Now, you just have to incorporate suitable clothes with matching colors. 

Colors that don't go well together: 
  • Grey and brown 
  • Green and blue
  • Green and purple
  • Orange and purple
  • Mustard yellow and bright pink

Colors that go well together:
  • Whites
  • Nudes
  • Black and white
  • Black and red
  • Black and pink
  • Botanical Green and yellow

Special suggestions:

High-waist pants with
Any basic top (preferably simple and plain if there are ornaments on the pants itself)
E.g. White Mango basic T-shirt/ Sheer-nude half button-up top and singlet

Floral dress with
Any cardigan (Preferably a kind of shawl with a belt)
Any kind of vest/waistcoat (preferably black/denim)

(Blue) Boyfriend shirt with
Any inner top (preferably a white/black singlet/tank
Any kind of skirt (preferably denim/white skirt with brown belt)

Good luck!

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