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Accessory Focus: Hats

Accessory Focus: Hats
Definition: A shaped covering for the head worn for warmth, as a fashion item, or as part of a uniform.

1. Akubra 

Country of origin: Australia
Existence since: 1870's
Feature: Wide-brimmed
Users: Hunters, farmers, graziers, horsemen, stockmen
Uses: Protection from Sun and rain

2. Baseball cap
Country of origin: Brooklyn, New York (Brooklyn Excelsiors)
Existence since: 1860
Features: Sewn in 6 sections, a fabric-matching button on the crown and a long stiffened and curved bill
Users: Athletics, certain armed forces
Uses: Protection from the Sun, uniform (Professional), 

3. Beanie/Tuque

Country of origin: Canada
Existence since: 12th Century (embroidered, ornamented)
Features: Knitted brimless cap, (possible) small visor
Users: Everyone
Uses: To provide warmth (during winter)

4. Boater
Country of origin: Italy
Existence since: 1880's
Features: Made of sennit straw, flat crown and brim, typically a ribbon around the crown
Users: Sailors, students (school uniform)
Uses: Summer headgear, protection from the Sun

5. Fedora
Country of origin: United States
Existence since: 1889
Features: Felt hat, creased lengthwise down the crown, pinched in the front or both sides (varies)
Users: Everybody
Uses: Aesthetic-wise, protection of one's head from wind and weather

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