Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Shopper: Checklist

Creating a decent/good outfit is difficult, especially when you do not have the fundamentals. In general, these are the "materials" you need: a basic top, bottoms, an outerwear/cardigan, a scarf, and a few accessories which I will elaborate on in a few seconds.

These fundamentals are crucial in creating outfits as you can create so many outfits just with them, it expands your wardrobe so much that you can even have unlimited outfits. With this fundamentals, you can buy just a few nice dresses and mix them up/layer them. Layering is the main technique for creating outfits.

So here is a checklist:

Basic tops
- Singlet
- Plain/Graphic T-shirt
- Tank top
- Plain/Lace tube

- Shorts
- Denims
- Skirt

- Shawl
- Long/Short-sleeved Cardigan
- Jacket

- Scarf and Belts
- Bracelets (gold/silver)
- Earrings/rings
- Shades/Sunglasses 
- Heels/flats/sandals/slippers
- Hats   

Basic (starting from the inner layer): Tube, Top, Bottom (interchangeable), Top (Optional), Outerwear

With this basic layering in mind, there is already a template for you to work with. Now, you just have to incorporate suitable clothes with matching colors. 

Colors that don't go well together: 
  • Grey and brown 
  • Green and blue
  • Green and purple
  • Orange and purple
  • Mustard yellow and bright pink

Colors that go well together:
  • Whites
  • Nudes
  • Black and white
  • Black and red
  • Black and pink
  • Botanical Green and yellow

Special suggestions:

High-waist pants with
Any basic top (preferably simple and plain if there are ornaments on the pants itself)
E.g. White Mango basic T-shirt/ Sheer-nude half button-up top and singlet

Floral dress with
Any cardigan (Preferably a kind of shawl with a belt)
Any kind of vest/waistcoat (preferably black/denim)

(Blue) Boyfriend shirt with
Any inner top (preferably a white/black singlet/tank
Any kind of skirt (preferably denim/white skirt with brown belt)

Good luck!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Shopper: School

As you know that I am from Singapore, it is obvious that most of our schools require us to wear uniforms to school. If you are from a middle/high school in the America and Europe countries, you must feel that it sucks, well it does, unfortunately. 

But hey, there is a good side of it, because we don't need to choose our outfits everyday. So how do we cope with this must-wear-uniform system? Some of us love it, some of us hate it. 
I personally am okay with it because there ARE pros and cons. And so, the way I cope with this "system" would be to look as "fashionable" as possible, but still within the school rules :)

Disclaimer: This is just for me to share with you guys, no obligations required.

So here is what I suggest:
 1. Read magazines or browse online style sites like to get in touch with the latest trend

2. Focus on the trending accessories and colors
    3. As you can't do anything to your uniform (e.g. paint it/alter it), you can just incorporate them to your daily objects like jackets/cardigans/pencil cases/bags etc.
      4. For example, bright/bold colors are trending this season, so get a bright/bold color jacket
      5. If your school restricts colors to wear on, well, just get bright/bold color pencil cases or something! 

      6. Hairstyle: be creative with your hair since you can do so much with it! An easy hairstyle would be half-half pony tail, where you tie up half your hair and then tie the rest of the hair at the bottom. Another simpler hairstyle would be a high ponytail, you will look so much brighter, in terms of your face features and look more organized and neat!
      7. Bags: If allowed, bring shoulder bags to school, as it will look more chic than normal school bags. Backpacks are an exception, as there are fashionable ones like the Dickies and Converse backpacks.

      8. Again if allowed, wear a hair/headband, as it adds a pop of color to brighten and make you look more chic.

      Once again, I am not telling you that you must follow these steps as there are some of you guys who wants to be natural and not put extra effort on appearance, that is perfectly fine!

      Good luck!

      Tuesday, March 29, 2011

      Accessory Focus: Scarves

      Accessory Focus: Scarves
      A scarf is a piece of fabric worn around the neck, or near the head or around the waist for warmth, cleanliness, fashion or for religious reasons. 

      Scarves may be a really simple accessory, as it is just a piece of fabric, but a scarf is so useful in so many ways! It can be used to keep you warm in cold weathers, keep you out of the sun when worn over your head, or just to add a pop of color to your outfits!
      There are many kinds of scarf designs, even designer ones like Alexander McQueen's skull scarf priced at US$259 per piece.
      Images taken from

      It is of course not necessary for you to get designer scarves, that would be the last thing I would buy that is a designer one, as there are so many scarves in most of the clothing/accessory stores that are so much cheaper! But of course, you pay for what you get, in terms of the quality, as this skull scarf is made from chiffon which  is made from cotton, silk or synthetic fibres. Chiffons are smoother and more lustrous than other fabrics in general. 

      Because of the simplicity of the scarf, there are almost unlimited ways to wear a scarf, you just need to be creative and think out of the box! Here are videos of ways to wear a scarf: 

      Videos by MichellePhan on Youtube.

      There are also websites teaching you how to wear a scarf, check this out:

      Monday, March 28, 2011

      The Shopper: Getting out

      I'm sure you have got days where you can't decide on what to wear, I encounter this problem MANY times, and am trying to find a way to solve this problem, or at least reduce the time taken. My average time taken to decide on what clothes to wear out is about 15 minutes, just FYI. :)

      I think this problem is avoidable/ can be solved with these few tips:
      1. On the day when you are free, try your best to arrange your clothes, according to colors, designs, style, whatever you would like. This reduces the time as you will save the trouble to go through all the clothes in your wardrobe one by one, when you already have that certain pattern in your wardrobe.

      2. Try to recycle/reuse/donate your unwanted clothes. These clothes include those that are too small a size for you, no more to your liking, or too much of a repetition (similar designs). This reduces the scope of your decision, and will allow you to decide faster. Or, if you feel bad giving away your clothes, you can always store them in a plastic clear box, so as to allow more time for you to decide what to do with those clothes.

      3. It's always good to do things in advance, so why not decide what to wear for that special occasion in advance? This allows you more time to decide your awesome outfit, and to uncover the problems you have with that outfit sooner, so as to save time on the day of that event.
      4. Quick few tips to deciding your outfit: 

      a. Know the style of the event, be it a casual or formal
      b. Decide then, the style of your outfit (boho, red carpet, seventies, contemporary, etc.)
      c. Decide on the kind of colors (bright, neutral, dark)
      d. Eliminate those "unwanted clothes" and decide on your top
      e. By deciding your top first, it gives you a foundation on what kind of bottoms you should have
      f. Try on different outerwear and see what fits best (optional)
      g. Moving on to accessories, never overdo on accessories
      h. If your outfit is mainly bright-colored, silver and golden accessories should fit best
      i. If your outfit is mainly neutral/dark-colored, black or dark blue accessories should fit best
      j. Factoring in the different skin tones, try on and find out which kind of palette(s) suits you best

      Good luck!

      Sunday, March 27, 2011

      Trend report: SS'11

      SS'11 Trend report

      Definitely colors

      Christian Dior

      Jil Sander

      Floral/Botanical Prints
      Marc by Marc Jacobs


      Masculine-Feminine (Oversized)

      Yves Saint Laurent

      Stella McCartney

      Jil Sander
      Images taken from 

      FSO @ Paragon: DKNY Runway

      Date: 27th March 2011
      Time: 3:00pm
      Venue: Paragon
      Event: DKNY Runway

      Video of finale walk:

      Videos and Photos are all original by Jocelyn©