Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Eve Party 2011

Hey fashionistas!

Yes, it is the 30th of December 2011, which makes tomorrow New Year's Eve. I'm very sure each of you fashionistas have your own wishes and dreams/goals for next year... Well, so do I :) I'd like to dedicate this outfit to all you fashionistas who are going to attend to parties tomorrow :)

New Year's Eve 

This outfit is very classy and, as you can see, features one of the trends next Spring/Summer 2012: fur. A long classy dress is a must for a party. With this dress, you are sure to be the focus in that party! Why not pair it with some heels? As this dress goes all the way down to the ankle (or a little bit more), pairing a pair of heels will instantly heighten you, and also betters your posture. The fur trend is featured on the bag and the neck scarf. Faux fur doesn't only keep you warm, but it also acts as an accessory to elevate your look, and make you look more sophisticated. Wear a couple of rings to accentuate the grandeur of this outfit, and finally a pair of diamond earrings!

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That's all lovelies!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Spring Up Your Wardrobe 2012

Hey fashionistas!

As you know, I have an ASOS profile, and have just entered their competition for 2012 Spring's wardrobe re-style! This is the outfit I created

Spring Up Your Wardrobe

In this outfit, I have incorporated several major trends for Spring/Summer 2012 from the runways of DVF, D&G, LV, Gucci, Valentino and so on! These major trends are: tribal, cut-outs, bright colors and symmetric. The tribal trend is highlighted through the accessories, namely the earrings, necklace, bangle and the high-heeled sandals. While the cut-out trend is highlighted through the beige bag with cut-out feature on the cover. The bright colors' trend is shown through the bright tangerine color button-down top. This button-down top can be tied at the bottom at the waist to accentuate any waist and give it shape. Hope you enjoyed this outfit!

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That's all lovelies!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

1 Day to Christmas: The Party

Hey fashionistas!

It's the last day to Christmas! I would like to, firstly, wish everyone of you a very Merry Christmas, and have fun at your date, be it family or boyfriends! Oh, and good luck for a kiss under the mistletoe :) Attending a Christmas party? Well, here is a formal Christmas party outfit for you. 

1 Day to Christmas: Party

In this outfit, the dress is the main lead. It is festive, glamorous and elegantly chic featuring an off-shoulder. I have paired this wonderfully amazing dress with this Asian-inspired statement waist-belt. It is oriental and certainly adds a vibe of the Asian culture! Top this outfit with a golden headband to look much like a greek goddess. Not forgetting our shoes; go for glitter gold or just a simple black heeled- sandal. Amp up your look by adding false lashes, which instantly enlarges and elongates your eyes and lashes. And lastly, a classy clutch to carry your phone and perhaps some loose change, you'll never know when you need them!

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That's all lovelies!

Friday, December 23, 2011

2 Days to Christmas: Preparations for Party

Hey fashionistas!

Just came back home from my string camp rehearsal. 2 more days to Christmas! ARE YOU GUYS EXCITED? Today, I present to you a casual outfit for you to feel comfortable indoors and outdoors, to do your last few days of preparation for, perhaps a party you are going to have on Christmas!

2 Days to Christmas: Prep

In this outfit, the basic pieces are the top and the track pants. These are ideal at home, perhaps going up and down the ladder to stick some decoration/ornaments, or to fit that bright shining star on top of your Christmas tree! Whatever it is, there are bound to have things to buy as you lack them, or perhaps just for some grocery shopping. On the way out your doorstep, put on a coat or a thick-enough jacket to keep yourself warm. Then, throw on your favorite beanie for extra warmth! Lastly, put on some covered shoes, so that your toes are protected from the chills, like a pair of flats, or, if you need some height, a pair of heeled ankle boots. 

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That's all lovelies!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

3 Days to Christmas: Sister Day

Hey fashionistas!

Today, I present to you a day out with your siblings. In my case, it would be my dear sister who is always there for me. Though I may irritate her quite a bit sometimes, but she still loves me and will always do. She never forgets her family, a very sensitive good girl, though rebellious sometimes :P We are going on a day out today to Nex and Orchard, hope to catch you there!

3 Days to Christmas: Sista

In this outfit, I went for a neutral-color-inspired look. A black and white top and a brown, white and black knitted cardigan. A Chanel bag can never go wrong, but will always catch the right attention with the right outfit. This color palette of this outfit complements quite perfectly with the Chanel bag, accentuating its gold-Chanel logo. Of course, if you are in the colder countries, you certainly have to add a pair of leggings, indoors or not. For the shoes, high heels seemed to be the best choices for this outfit. So I paired a casual-looking canvas heeled-shoe, with another option of a spiked-high heel. It definitely elevates this outfit, from a good-girl look to an edgy, sophisticated look.

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That's all lovelies!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

4 days to Christmas: Date with your Beau

Hey fashionistas!

This is the 4 days to Christmas outfit. Get ready for you date!

4 Days to Christmas: Date

In this outfit, I went for simplicity. You can throw on a dress, a jacket and just leave your house, but still look chic. Bring along your festive bag, preferably one with a bright color, like this red gel-padded bag large enough to carry your phone, your wallet, and perhaps a mini umbrella. It sure is going to be cold somewhere, unless you are spending time with him at her house, so throw on a opaque leggings that are thick enough to protect your legs from the winter. In addition, a perfectly designed heeled laced boots will amp up your outfit. Accessories are, of course, optional, and there is no harm bring along a cotton scarf. Tie it on your bag as decoration, or wear it when it gets chilly. Have fun at your date!

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That's all lovelies!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

5 Days to Christmas: Shopping with girls

Hey fashionistas,

Sorry for not posting for such a long time, was away in Seoul Korea, and experienced my first snow! :) I want to present to you a series "Days to Christmas", posting different outfits for different events. Today, I will start with Shopping. Shopping is the best thing to do, especially before Christmas, as there will be sales everywhere! 

5 Days to Christmas: Shop

This chic yet simple outfit gives you the most comfort indoors and outdoors! As we are layering the plain top on our plaid collared shirt, you can remove that layer anytime and still look great! Due to the weather, moisturizer is a must, I've paired Bliss's moisturizer into this outfit as it is vital! The across-body bag complements the plaid pattern, as well as the plain top. It gives a almost-vintage look, but yet modern and casual. The choice of the ankle boots and the sandals is given, as not all girls/women are comfortable with high-heels for an all-day shopping trip. Sandals are safe and looks great with the outfit as well! Finally, top this outfit up with a beanie, one of the trends this winter under 'hats'! And for those who lives in sunny countries, a pair of wayfarers will never go wrong.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Zadig and Voltaire Fall/Winter 2011

Label: Zadig & Voltaire
Collection: Fall/Winter 2011
Designer: Erin Wassons
Trend: Rock-Edgy-Tribal

Hey fashionistas!

Zadig&Voltaire's fall/winter 2011 collection can be described in three words: Rock. Edgy. Tribal. I've categorized my best picks of this collection, and hope they appealed to you the same way they did to me :) Enjoy!



That's all lovelies!

Friday, November 11, 2011

The GUESS Experience

Hey fashionistas!

Just came back from Guess@Paragon. I was invited to attend a fashion-bloggers event organized by GUESS, and I admit I was excited for it :) We bloggers were entitled to try on a total of 2 pairs of jeans and choose 1 to bring home, all in accordance to GUESS Denim Campaign's Try To Win! Contest for fashion bloggers. Other than that, we were also entitled to a GUESS headphone! Not a bad quality one too! *JACKPOT*

Note: Public will be entitled to receive a pair of GUESS headphones with a trying of 3 jeans + photos taken. The best photo taken would be entitled to win a 1-year supply (1 pair per month) of GUESS jeans! Oh! Not to forget to include an interesting caption!

So, as I first walked into GUESS, the music was booming loud (was there only for this event), and there was even a DJ. I was greeted by many of their staff, (+ point) all wearing their headphones, and with a plaid shirt and jeans, they looked and were really really friendly (+ point). 

When I walked towards the denim area, which was to the left from the entrance, I was asked if I could use any help (+ point). So I asked what the smallest size was (it is 24), and told her what kinds of cut I am inclined towards (straight and bootcut). The jeans that she picked were of really good quality (+ point) (all priced above $100), and in a blink of an eye, we had already chosen 3 pieces. It would have taken wayyy longer if I were to choose it myself. And since she is a staff there, she knew what the lastest ones were, and directed me towards them (+ point). 

She brought me to the fitting room just a few steps from the denim area and carefully hung up all the jeans I have chosen (+ point). As I wanted to try on the jeans, I had to take off my shoe, but my feet were greeted by cold flooring/tiles, it was a bit uncomfortable even though I got used to it quite quickly. (- point) While I was changing, she thoughtfully asked whether the size fitted (+ point) (unfortunately I overestimated my small waist, I needed a size 25 :P) After trying on all the jeans, I was so inclined towards Starlet Straight-cut, as it was black (versatile) and comfortably loose. However, I thought I looked a bit sloppy from the spaciousness of the jeans, so I was debating between Brittney (Slim-cut) and Starlet.

Note: When she first attended to me, she had no knowledge that I was a fashion blogger, so I was attended as a public customer (+ point)

When I went out to have my pictures taken (was required for the event), the staff there, including the photographers, suggested that Brittney suited me more (+ point). Oh yes, speaking of that, when I was about to have my picture taken for Brittney, I asked if I could try on their shoes. Surprisingly to me, they did not ask what kind or what type of shoes I wanted to try BUT the pair she chose was lovely! It's just like your own personal stylist! (+ point) The pair of platform heels were miraculously comfortable and easy to walk in, one of the best platform shoes I have ever worn! (+ point) I swear, if I have my own earnings, I would buy that pair of platform heels. It was just really really lovely :)

Oh! Here are some pictures they took, or I took. It was really creative for them to have polaroids :)

The picture below is a picture of the photographer with Outlaw GUESS jeans! :) He is a very friendly photographer :) (+ point)

The music played were all very upbeat, which included Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger", Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream", Far East Movement's "Rocketeer", Flo Rida's "Club Can't Handle Me" and others. Though I really need to say the music was too loud for my delicate and sensitive ears :( (- point).

Anyway, when I was browsing through the store, I found really nice pieces of clothing! Those that really appeal to me, you know, which drove me to go towards them to take another look at the clothing :) (+ point

At last, I decided on Brittney, as it really flattered me, especially when worn with a pair of platforms!

Overall feel: 13/15
Service: 10/10


After the event, I met up with my mum and went to H&M! I am really excited about the Versace for H&M collection! :) This is what I got today. The blue basic dress from H&M.

Thank you Andrea for inviting me to this excellent event :)

Pictures are taken by me :)

That's all lovelies!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Outfits via ASOS 3/11/11

Hey fashionistas!

Though it's not winter in Singapore (well, it has never been), but I think I am capable of putting a winter outfit together just for you guys who are in countries that have the four seasons, and all you who are planning to go to a winter country this holiday! I hope this outfit will inspire you in whatever ways :)

Winter 2011

I have put together some of the main trend of fall/winter this year (2011), namely the collages. Remember to wear leggings to protect your legs from freezing. And with leggings, you can feel free to wear even your shortest dress/skirt. You can never go wrong with leggings during winter, trust me!

That's all lovelies!

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